Privacy Policy

17.1 The Seller carries out the processing of personal data by automated and non-automated means. In particular, by virtue of a specific contract, it is the exclusive user of web space on the host provider’s server, where the data are stored and archived, remaining accessible only to the Seller’s appointees as well as, for technical needs only (such as, for example, server maintenance) also to the host provider. Personal data will also be communicated to the person in charge of delivery, within the limits of those strictly necessary to carry out this activity. 17.2 For any information on privacy, please refer to the document “PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA” published at


18.1 In observance of the privacy policy lines adopted, the Seller informs visitors to the site that, on the occasion of each connection, together with the copy of the web page requested through the connection, the web server, where the site is stored, sends to the browser installed on the user’s computer a request for information that is stored by the latter on a file. Such a file, once the connection to the server from which the cookie was sent is terminated, is saved on the hard disk of the user’s computer. Such a file will make the computer in which it is stored recognizable in subsequent accesses, facilitating and speeding up subsequent accesses. Cookies, which in any case remain stored for a limited time, can be deleted by the user by accessing the appropriate folder in the browser.