Divinity Parfum is an Italian company specialized in the production of perfumes for people, home and fabrics. Our products are 100% Made in Italy: from the research to the production of raw materials and to the marketing and sales.

Each phase is managed and controlled in our laboratories by a multidisciplinary and specialized team.


Combining form and substance. It’s true we at Divinity Parfum vow to offer our customers quality products daily but simple in taste by aiming for fragrances that embellish your environments, evoke memories and make you feel unique. We believe that a fragrance is not just a perfume but helps you each feel at home and good about yourself.

Divinity Parfum gives you a true experience of the senses that you can live daily in your home or in the environments you love most.


Our philosophy remains to stay close to the customer, listen to them and meet their wants and needs. Our flexibility has enabled us to develop a wide range of fragrances.

We call ourselves ” affordable” … from all points of view: for all budgets, for all tastes, for all those who want to change and try something new every day. Our products are Made in Italy synonymous with reliability and quality.